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“The mind is everything. What you think you become” - Buddha
mind wellness


I have a calling to help my clients discover who they are so that they may know what their purpose and passions is. I offer private 1-on-1 coaching sessions and group workshops and seminars. I am a Louise Hay life coach and accredited with Comensa.

My life coaching style is very practical, tool centric and healing in nature. I believe in empowering you to uncover your limits so that you may thrive in your life. Anyone willing to do their work by using these tools will succeed at their goals with life coaching.

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When you want to master a sport you get a coach. This coach trains you to make you best at your craft so that on game day you play at world class.

If you want to master your own life then you need a life coach. The coach trains you with the universal principals of life as well as tailor made tools for you. As you do your growth work, given with each session, you become best at YOU.

The coach can never play the sport or game of life for you, all they can do is help you do your work so that you are empowered to create the highest version of the grandest vision of your life.

Life coaching is not for people looking for a magic pill to ease their pain. It is for people who are willing to heal and transform. Those that can let go of who they thought they were to discover who they really are. It’s for those ready to do their work!

Life coaching

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HYL workshops


As part of your structured life coaching program, all clients attend the Heal Your Life Transformational workshop. It is run once a quarter and is a 2 day weekend immersion process. Based on the best selling book You Can Heal Your Life, this course was designed by Louise Hay.

Is this workshop for me?

Introspect on these questions to know if this workshop is calling out to you:
  • What are the limiting beliefs affecting the manifestation of my goals?
  • In what ways do I give my power away?
  • Do I understand why I feel and experience life in the way I do?
  • Who have I not forgiven?
  • Am I a victim or victor in my life?
  • How is the past currently cluttering my life?
  • What have I not healed?
  • Do I love, accept and approve of ALL of me?
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Here’s What Our Clients and Workshop Attendees Have To Say

Nokukhanya K


Satisfied Client

“Simone, thank you for showing up in my life and for using your gifts to help me heal myself. This workshop helped me release my self-criticism, fear of being alone, hurt of my past relationship and all the guilt I carried. I now move forward in my life with self-love and the understanding that my belief systems allow certain experiences to continue in my life."


Caryn. F

Happy Client

"I started life coaching with an open mind as to the change I expected to see. Each session with Simone has honestly changed my life, and changed it for the better. I have learnt invaluable lessons about myself and about my life. Our growth work is extremely practical and I enjoy doing it and putting in the work for my personal development."

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