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My mission is to develop my clients holistically- mind, body & spirit through personal development.


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Simone Naidoo

Hi, I am Simone

I am the founder and CEO of On Purpose Personal Development.

My mission is to develop my clients holistically- mind, body & spirit through personal development.

I serve my clients as a life coach certified as a Louise Hay Heal Your Life Coach and accredited with COMENSA.

I am an inspirational speaker.
I am a Herbalife wellness coach.
I am a spiritual development coach and reiki practitioner.

I have honed my skills as a thought leader in personal development for a decade. I’m currently studying towards my Doctorate in Metaphysics through the University of Sedona.

I am a speaker, teacher, and seeker and as such mastery of self is my highest vision for all my clients. I believe that when you know who you are- you will become acutely clear as to what your purpose is in this life.

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“It's been 2 challenging yet incredible years on my Herbalife journey. Over the time, I have grown so much and learned to love and embrace who I am. This journey has not only helped me change my outward appearance, but also changed how I perceive myself and the world around me. So today I am proud to share that with the help of my wellness coach, Simone Naidoo, I have lost 24 kg since I started Herbalife. It is truly a blessing to have been given the opportunity to change my lifestyle.”

Mbali. M

Happy Client

“Simone, thank you for showing up in my life and for using your gifts to help me heal myself. This workshop helped me release my self-criticism, fear of being alone, hurt of my past relationship and all the guilt I carried. I now move forward in my life with self-love and the understanding that my belief systems allow certain experiences to continue in my life."


Satisfied Client

"I started life coaching with an open mind as to the change I expected to see. Each session with Simone has honestly changed my life, and changed it for the better. I have learnt invaluable lessons about myself and about my life. Our growth work is extremely practical and I enjoy doing it and putting in the work for my personal development."

Caryn. F

Happy Client